Thursday, November 17, 2011

This makes no sense

I just got a new Kindle Fire yesterday for my birthday and I was shopping for books to buy, one of my favorite pastimes. I have had my eye on Tim Keller's Generous Justice for a while and added it to my Kindle list but when my Kindle actually showed up, this is what I found. The hardcover version of the book is $13.57 with free Prime shipping. The kindle version is $16.99. So I have to pay more and don't even get the hardcopy book? Most books are several dollars cheaper for Kindle but this one is more expensive? That is just dumb.

I did download a bunch of Martin Luther's works for free, so that is cool and there are a lot of classic books that are either free or $0.99.


Anonymous said...

Hi Art-

I down-loaded the complete works of Menno Simons for free on my nook a number of years ago, I'm sure they would have something similar for Kindle. I know like me you have interest in Anabaptist theology and History.

Hutch-Mike Hutchison

Zach said...

Okay... so the real question is how do you like the Fire? I have ordered one and it should arrive today. However, it is for my birthday (which is next Wednesday). My wife may hold it hostage until then... so I want to find out from someone what they think of it. Someone other than a 'tech expert/ critic.'

Good choice getting some Luther works (coming from a Lutheran). :)

Arthur Sido said...

Hutch, they still have Simon's complete works but it is a hefty $0.99. I bought it anyway....

Zach, I like it so far, I was kind of working on a review for it.

Aussie John said...


Not fair! They haven't arrived Down Under yet!

Arthur Sido said...

John, why is that? Is there normally a delay for stuff like that?

Aussie John said...


Yes! There is normally a time lag; quite long sometimes. I think it's a matter of meeting the demand at home first,and selling supplies that are in stock, in other markets.

As far as I am aware the old kindles only arrived in the last six months, and now sell at discount.