Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Quick Thought On The Table

You wouldn't put up fence around a house you don't own so why do some Christians put up a fence around a Table they don't own?


Steve Scott said...

No, they don't own the table, but they are God's personal appointed guardians and defenders of it after all, right?

Aussie John said...

Several things come to mind:

1. Why are they "fencing" the table?

2. From whom, or what?

3. From where does the idea come, from Scripture, or tradition?

4. Who has decided that the "ordinance" was to be celebrated in the way it is?

5. Thinking of whom Jesus ate that last supper with: Did He refuse it to any?

Arthur Sido said...

All good questions John, questions I am assuming many people have never thought to ask.