Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Welcome to Obamanation

As expected, Barack Obama has been elected President of the United States. The first black President, indeed the first non-white male president in our nations history. He is also one of the most far left men politically to hold the Presidency. As incompetent as the McCain campaign was, and as complicit in the victory as the mainstream media was, Senator Obama ran a great campaign. Always focused, always seizing the initiative, driving the conversation, staying on message. It was a nearly perfectly run campaign, kudos to Senator Obama and his staff (plus keeping Joe Biden from saying anything stupid!)

The good news? It looks like the GOP will maintain enough seats in the Senate to be able to block and force negotiations on the far left agenda that is coming to America. That may help to blunt some of the "change" Obama is going to inflict on America and damper some of his enthusiasm for nominating far left judges.

More "good news"? As big as Obama's win was, it pales in comparison to Reagan's wins and the map shows that this country is still highly divided. The country is not unified around Obama like it was unified around Reagan.

More good news, this will give conservatives some time to think over what went wrong. In a nutshell, conservatives complained about liberalism for decades and then when the people voted them to in change things, they started acted like big government liberals

Conservatives are back in the political wilderness where we haven't been since the late 70's, but out of that era came Ronald Reagan and a new, resurgent unapologetic conservatism. We have had a GOP president for 20 of the last 28 years. Let's hope that Obama is a one term reminder of why liberalism doesn't work. It will be interesting to see how conservatism reacts, and whether we set aside our minor differences to start working on retaking the Congress and removing Obama from office in four years. That work starts right now.

Unlike liberals, who at their heart hate America and what she stands for, conservatives love this country. We will not threaten to move to Canada like petulant children pouting over a loss. We got what we deserved, and now it is time to start working to win the trust of the American people back and remind them that socialism doesn't work. It didn't work in the Soviet Union, it doesn't work in Cuba, China or North Korea and it will not work here.

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