Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veterans Day!

Or if you are a liberal: National Day of Shame and Repentance for America's Acts of Imperial Aggression and War-Mongering against the oppressed.

Good day to be in banking since we are one of the few businesses to be closed today. A good day also to remember those who served our nation honorably and ably over the past century, a number that shrinks daily and along with it shrinks our sense of national duty and pride. Fewer and fewer people around us every day have that sense of shared cause and shared sacrifice, and that directly results in the every increasing sense of entitlement and the culture of narcissism that infects America. This next year is going to be another tough one economically and very likely one or more of the automakers is going to disappear or go bankrupt. Our way of life is changing at lightning speed and I fear that the current population of America is not up to the challenges we face. In the past we always pulled together as a people, but today we seem more likely to point a finger of blame than we are to raise a hand to volunteer to help.

Thanks to those who served our country and I hope we can become a nation once again that is deserving of their sacrifice.

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