Sunday, November 16, 2008

Think on this....

This from an article on Yahoo! about the protests following the passage of Proposition 8 in California...

BOSTON – Gay rights supporters waving rainbow colors marched, chanted and danced in cities coast to coast Saturday to protest the California vote that banned gay marriage there and urge supporters not to quit the fight for the right to wed.

Many cast it as a civil rights issue.

Crowds gathered near public buildings in small communities and major cities including New York, San Francisco and Chicago to vent their frustrations, celebrate gay relationships and renew calls for change.

"Civil marriages are a civil right, and we're going to keep fighting until we get the rights we deserve as American citizens," Karen Amico said in Philadelphia, holding up a sign reading "Don't Spread H8".

"We are the American family, we live next door to you, we teach your children, we take care of your elderly," said Heather Baker a special education teacher from Boston who addressed the crowd at Boston's City Hall Plaza. "We need equal rights across the country."

Interesting point, one that in my mind not only doesn't serve as a defense of "gay marriage" but also should raise some questions in the minds of parents. What do you really know about those who are teaching your kids if you send them to a public or even a private Christian school? You know that they have a degree, probably in education. You may meet them at the beginning of the school year and a couple of times during the year for a few minutes. Unless your kid is in trouble all the time, you will have very minimal contact with those you have given charge of your children to. What is their worldview? What is their agenda? What values do they hold and what values are they passing on to your kids? You probably don't know much about any of this stuff and that should give you pause.

We were both public school kids and our kids went to public school until a few years ago, so I am not just spouting off about something I know nothing about. Sure, some parents know a few of the teachers of their children pretty well but that is the exception. Do you really want someone you barely know and have met a couple of times teaching your children? Many professional educators are nice people as far as I know, but not knowing much of anything about them and yet entrusting your kids to them all day for a school year? That doesn't strike me as the right model for a Christian parent.

The raising up of the children God has blessed us with and entrusted to us is one of the greatest responsibilities of the Christian, one that simply should not be subcontracted out.

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