Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dr. Mohler on mormonism

Dr. Albert Mohler featured the question of whether mormons are Christians on today's Albert Mohler Show. Worth giving it a listen, especially at the 32:50 mark when a suave guy calls in (me). I don't sound all that great on the radio...
He is going to be engaging in an online debate/forum with a mormon (Orson Card perhaps?) on BeliefNet, a forum that I hope will allow him to systematically and honestly lay out the stark differences between mormonism and Christianity.
The blog debate is here online. Card is rolling out some oldies but goodies in his defense of mormonism! He startes his rebuttal of Mohler off with the question of who gets to define what makes on a Christian? Well, Christ does I imagine and He did so in His Word, so if what you teach is contrary to His Word, then by definition you are not a Christian! Card is a gifted writer but is in over his head theologically (as most anyone would be against Mohler)

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