Monday, November 30, 2015

Tone Down The Rhetoric? Not Hardly.

That sound you heard was me dropping the gloves. I am not even vaguely interested in being cowed into silence by infanticide profiteers and proto-fascist politicians. If you are feeling especially squeamish, find something else to read.

Over the weekend I commented on Facebook that the shooting at a Planned Parenthood "clinic" in Colorado Springs was fortuitous for some on the Left. It was a perfect storm, the dream trifecta for Leftist talking heads. 1) A white male perpetrator. 2) A gun used in the commission of a crime. 3) The location being the sanctified grounds of an abortuary. Behind closed doors they had to be giddy. After all we are talking about the same crew that Rahm Emmanuel belongs to, the don't let a crisis go to waste troop. It took almost no time at all for the High Priestess of Baal. Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards, to hit the airwaves assigning blame for this criminal act on everybody who dares question the pro-abortion orthodoxy. Shortly thereafter the fundraising emails went out as Planned Parenthood sought to cash in on human tragedy, something they do in their "clinics" every day with the aid and assistance of the United States government. Of course the President of the United States took time out of being a shill for "climate change" to call for more gun regulations. Fortunately no one is really paying attention to him anymore.

Don't be fooled here. The calls for reining in the rhetoric are simply thuggish tactics designed to silence dissent, just like President Clinton blaming "talk radio" for the Oklahoma City bombing. These are the same people who refuse to recognize the connection between radical Islam and the overwhelming majority of terrorist attacks but waste no time in trying to paint all white pro-life Christians as in league with someone who by any measure was a loony bird, a time bomb waiting to go off. You wouldn't know it to hear the media tell it but attacks like this involving abortion clinics are pretty rare and are condemned by pro-life advocates.

I for one am not someone who is going to cede the field to the bad guys because of one outlier event that has no bearing on the peaceful protests being conducted at abortuaries around the country every  day. We can't pretend to care about human life when adults are shot by a criminal lunatic while ignoring the slaughter that goes on in the same clinic everyday. Cecile Richards can race to get herself on TV with her fashionable suits and perfectly coiffed hair and try to seize the moral high ground but her expensive suits and professionally done hair are paid for with the blood of innocents. She sits in front of the TV camera smiling while her minions are carving babies apart for profit. Her smugness is a reflection of the Enemy.

A loner, with no apparent connection to the pro-life movement and who likewise never seemed all that interested in abortion allegedly made a comment about baby parts, murders three people. That is where the focus should be, on the grieving process and the legal system. Instead this has been callously used to advance the agenda of a murderous organization that kills thousands more each day than Robert Dear in his rampage. Some say we should not take a stand while families are grieving and I wish that were possible but while we mourn the mass murderers collect money and gather influence and all the while the most defenseless and innocent among us are slaughtered. Their cronies in the mass media and the Hollywood actors/clowns who are famous for pretending to be someone they are not are doing all they can to gain advantage from a horrific crime perpetrated by a deranged individual. We cannot unilaterally surrender the discourse until we get their permission to speak again. 

While many sit silent, cowed into silence by those who hate everything they stand for, the forces of evil keep pressing their advantage. The innocents who die in the womb cannot defend themselves. It would be proper for those who can stand up for them to do so, not just when it is easy but especially when it is hard. We do the children dying tomorrow around this country no favors by being shushed in a vain effort to be the adults in the conversation. While children die in these abortuaries there can be no quarter, no pause, no let up and no cowardice. Nothing less than ending the practice of infanticide will do and nothing less than complete commitment to that cause is appropriate. 

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