Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Follow-up On The Real Church

Donald Miller posted a follow-up post to the original that I linked to yesterday. His post, Why I Don’t Go to Church Very Often, a Follow Up Blog is pretty thoughtful and I found that he received a lot of the same charges/questions/accusations that I get a lot and others do as well. I tip my hat to him for taking the time to recognize where he made some mistakes and repsonding to the critical comments generated by his original post in a sober, humble and thoughtful manner. If only defenders of the religious status quo would do the same....

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Aussie John said...

As serious as the matter at hand is, I can't help having a quiet chuckle,
"charges/questions/accusations that I get a lot and others do as well."

Been on the receiving end for some years now, but the anger/bitterness/judgemental attitudes, and (dare I say it?),even jealousy, are hardly evidence of love,or, the fruit of the mind/mouth of those indwelt by the Spirit and imbued with God's great grace.