Sunday, October 09, 2016

Hypocrisy Goes Both Ways

Here's a question. If Donald Trump, who based on most of his positions that he didn't change for this election cycle could plausibly do so, had run for President as a Democrat and was the current nominee against someone like Indiana's own "Vanilla Ice" Mike Pence, would the media be quite so incensed over this antics past and present? Not hardly.

It is in vogue to point the finger of blame at those who support Trump and blame them for this shameful state of affairs. That is quite appropriate. The problem is that I think those same self-righteous people on the Left who are clucking the loudest about Trump have a substantial percent of the blame for creating the sort of environment where a man can be in a feasible position even today to be President of the United States and yet harbor this sort of juvenile attitude about women, sexuality and personal standards of behavior.

Gee, maybe if you constantly inundate people with sexually charged images where homosexuality and cross-dressing, long rightly understood as mental illnesses, and casual and often meaningless and crude or even borderline violent sexual behavior is celebrated as liberating they might eventually start to live those behaviors out in real life. Movies depict sexual violence from overt rape to quasi-sexual assault to sexual degradation of woman being celebrated as "romantic". As others have pointed out, someone bought those 125 million copies of Fifty Shades of Grey and someone paid over half a billion in ticket revenue to watch the movie version where a rich, powerful guy sexually abuses a young, vulnerable woman (based on the synopsis from Wikipedia, I have never read the book or watched the film). In a culture where men are inundated with sexual images and women are force fed the lie that being promiscuous, even when they dislike it and are ashamed of it, is somehow liberating, it is inevitable that people like Donald Trump take advantage of that behavior. After all, using his power and position to seduce at least one White House intern for sex who knows how many times in the White House and countless others in his political career didn't lower the Left's fawning esteem of Bill Clinton, it seems to have raised his standing among "feminists" and others. Heck, even lying under oath about it, being suspended from practicing law and impeached by the House of Representatives was brushed off as "just sex" even though what got him impeached was not having sex with a 22 year old intern but lying about it under oath. Being a sexual predator gets Clinton invites to speak to august bodies all over the world but tapes of Donald Trump talking about the same sort of behavior has the Left fanning themselves and grasping for the smelling salts in faux outrage. Being a sexual predator is OK for me but not for thee? Please.

While I am at it, how about the fact that tens of millions of Americans will still vote for Trump because the notion of voting for Hillary Clinton is just that revolting. There is more to it than just Hillary being nothing less than evil. An awful lot of people in this country, men especially and the heterosexual, white men even more so, have been constantly pummeled by the cultural opinion deciders, those who by virtue of their position in deciding what is acceptable entertainment and eventually what is an acceptable opinion think themselves better than the rest of us. They are told that being masculine is "toxic" and contributes to the false narrative of a "rape culture". They are told they are to blame for racism no matter what they do. If you are not 100% on board with whatever perversion and deviance the cultural leaders tell you to be, you are not just agreeing to disagree or wrong, you are a cultural enemy who must be silenced and punished. You can only crap on millions of people who just want to live their lives and raise their families without being constantly scolded for being terrible people for so long. Hillary Clinton personifies the forces that are degrading this country. Donald Trump is nothing more than a well coiffed middle finger aimed right at the heart of those who think they are better than the rest of us.

When you intentionally create a toxic culture, you should expect toxic people to thrive in that environment.

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