Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Uniquely American Holiday

Happy Tax Day America!

Wait a second, you aren't happy today? Why not? This is the date that your overlords have decreed for you pay up or face the wrath of Caesar. Just imagine if you had to save up your tax money all year and write one big check today like some people do. That would sting a lot more, wouldn't it? In fact it might make some people upset enough to do something about it. Fortunately the benevolent wizards in D.C. have devised a scheme whereby you are slain each year by a death of a thousand cuts, bleeding  you little by little each paycheck to help keep you in line.

Of course today is a non-event for a lot of Americans like me that don't have to pay anything. We get all of our money back and then some, in my case usually thousands of dollars that I didn't even pay into the system. I wonder how that still qualifies as a "refund"? Anyway for people like me filing taxes is awesome. I know I am getting a bunch of money that I didn't earn and I get to enjoy the benefits of living in 'Murica without having to contribute.

As you gather family and loved ones around the table today to celebrate tax day with the traditional meal of Ramen noodles and SPAM, you might want to think about what happens when we run out of people putting money into the system to pay for the rest of us. You can only kick the can so far down the road before you eventually run out of road. When that happens all heck is going to break loose but don't worry about that. Worrying leads to thinking and thinking gets us into trouble. Just keep giving Uncle Sam a chunk of your wages each paycheck that he can use to bribe other people and retain his power. Somebody else can do your thinking for you. Hasn't that worked pretty well for us so far?

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