Friday, March 27, 2015

Speaking Of Intolerance

Turns out the good folks at The Gospel Coalition have taken a page from the thought police of the secular university world by blocking me from posting comments on their webpage. I got blocked by the administrator of their Facebook page a while back but now my Disqus account is also blocked.

I get it. My posts tend to be polemical and are often aimed at the unquestioned acceptance of the institutional church system that the authors and board of TGC are reliant upon for their income and influence, although I take pains to not be overly hostile or unpleasant when I post. I guess when they form a coalition around "The Gospel" they are really referring to the "Good News of Organized Religion". As for me, I am pretty tolerant of comments on my blog, even when they are inflammatory or ad hominem. Unless a comment contains excessive vulgarity or is clearly spam, I approve it. I am also pretty sure that I have never been blocked by another webpage.

Oh well, I guess the writers and readers of the Gospel Coalition page can keep discussing issues in the safe, sterile confines of the world of organized religion and keep churning out their books and conferences, keeping their webpage safe for the reader who likes his assumptions unchallenged. The rest of us can have the messy conversations somewhere else, safely kept at arms length by the censors of the institutional church world.


Aussie John said...


Theoreticians rather than practitioner!

When your point of view is blocked it is clear evidence that the blockers' position cannot stand by itself.

If their position is according to Scripture they will show you where you are wrong using the Scripture they profess is their rule for faith and practice.

Maybe they only know their traditions and not the Scriptures!

Marshall said...

have you heard of post-pairing as a method? Possibly you may come together with another brother or 2 to be responding to various articles together and/or as a small group. Could help on the front-end and back-end of the challenge to address people who remain in great danger after having drifted so-far or so-long.