Monday, November 04, 2013

Finishing Well

As you might know, Dave Black's beloved wife Becky Lynn went home to Christ after a long struggle with cancer. Her example in that time has been an inspiration to me from afar and her husband's reflections from the celebration of her life made me both deeply sorrowful and impossible hopeful all at once.

Please jump over to When A Loved One Goes Home. Read it, absorb it, weep along with it and most of all live it. All of our lives on this earth are but vapors, here today and then gone. Read of a sister who made the most of her time and read of a brother who has humbly submitted to God's will over his own desire. It is sad but it is joyful.

I never got to meet my sister Becky in this life but I look forward to seeing her face to face in eternity. I can't wait.

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