Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Having A Baby Is Not A Disease

I saw this video linked the other day and liked it a lot....

Again, we had all eight of our kids in hospitals, the last couple attended by a midwife. We have never given birth at home. We also don't think that women who choose to should be seen as backwoods kooks and furthermore don't think that midwives who assist a woman in doing one of the most natural events in life should be criminzalized for doing so.

There might be a point when more and more drugs and c-sections and inductions and extraordinarily expensive hospital care might be overkill, frightening women into thinking they are incompetent to deliver their own child. Sometimes the old ways are really better.


Chuck McKnight said...

Timely post. My wife just gave birth to our first son at home last Sunday. :)

Arthur Sido said...

Congrats Chuck!