Thursday, April 05, 2012

What is being a pastor really about?

This is not a lengthy treatise about the topic but I loved what Alan Knox wrote today, A little about my pastors. Being a pastor is not about sermons. At all. It is not about reading theology books or blogging in your office. It is not about "casting vision" or dealing with church budgets.

So what is it about?

Sharing your life with others. Encouraging them. Being an example to them. Serving them and sharing with them. Loving them.

If we recover this Biblical view of pastoring it would make such a huge difference in the church. We could be just fine if we never had another sermon "preached" ever again but the church simply cannot thrive without Biblical pastoring. Check out what Alan wrote and think about the people in your life who pastor you even if people don't call them "pastor". If the people you call "pastor" aren't filling this role in your life, they probably aren't pastor in any real sense.

Great stuff that is very encouraging.

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