Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The cost of childlessness

We often hear a lot about how expensive it is to raise children. The number thrown out are huge and intimidating (and really dishonest as many have shown, for example check out: How Much Does it Cost to Raise a Child from Birth to Age Eighteen? Part 1: Intro ). I don't think the "cost" of children is as important as another question....

As a society the real question is: can we afford to NOT have children? What is the long term impact to a society that has an definitely increasing percentage of the population taking money out of the system and a correspondingly smaller percentage putting money back in? Here is a hint, it is not good.

Collin Hansen looks at a story in the Atlantic that makes what should be an obvious point, namely that future generations of workers, consumers and tax-payers are a non-negotiable component of a healthy, growing economy in his brief post: Be Fruitful and Multiply...Or Else. We are a society that values our social programs and claims to value children but that not only goes to great lengths to delay childbearing and prevent it from occurring in inconvenient numbers, we also kill off millions of children who will never be given the chance to be productive taxpayers. Even in the church this is too often the case. As God's people we need to serve as a witness to the world that children are a blessing and a necessity. A childless society will soon be an extinct society.

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