Thursday, October 21, 2004

Even the liberal members of the media have noted Teresa Heinz Kerry's unbelievable remarks regarding First Lady Laura Bush, that is that she never had a real job in adulthood, which suggest that she is either completely unaware that Mrs. Bush was a teacher and librarian (which I think count as real jobs) or willfully taking a shot at her for staying home later to raise her children. Either way, it is insulting and says an awful lot about the Kerry's elitist attitudes. Johnnie Boy is hunting geese at a farm in Ohio today, I guess we should ignore his 20 year record of opposing gun rights because he allegedly shot a goose. Just like we are required to ignore twenty years of voting against every military system that has made out country's military the strongest in the world because he went to Vietnam for a whopping 4 months.

Susan Konig takes THK to task in an editorial on NationalReview Online. Every time she opens her mouth she says something stupid. It has to be hard, seriously, when you are that wealthy and never have to watch what you say to all of a sudden have to watch every little comment. She provides constant fodder, and no doubt constant headaches, for John Kerry's campaign team.

I loved the caller to Fox News this morning who stated that she stayed home to raise her children so they would grow up to be like Laura Bush, not like Teresa Heinz Kerry.

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